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Anything is Possible

About the Role

A​nything i​s​ ​po​ssible. We believe this so much, we made it our brand.

aip​ is a creative, media planning & knowledge agency that specialises in data-driven, integrated communications, media planning across all digital and offline channels, and end-to-end creative services. Using proprietary audience planning technology aligned with business goals, aip develops bespoke integrated media solutions for brands.

The truth is, focusing on media channels, CPMs, cookies, or impressions is a mistake made far too often. It leads to high-frequency, low-quality and low-impact campaigns that annoy people and are subsequently forgotten.

Agencies and advertisers need to respect people's time and understand the value of their attention. Today’s campaigns have to be more empathetic and emotionally engaging than ever before to gain valuable attention. What's more, they need to create long-lasting consumer relationships that drive tangible business outcomes.

We think it's time for something different. And we think different is better. Foundedin2017andledbyMarkandSam, a​ip ​creates better brand and consumer connections to make advertising more enjoyable, engaging, and effective. The business is 5 pillars that help us to disrupt the agency world for the better.

1) Transparency - ​Nothing is hidden because we are proud of the value we bring to our client partnerships.

2) Connect & automate - ​We get excited when we can connect and automate things. When we move time from tasks that generate minimum value into tasks that generate lots of value.

3) Frictionless - ​Working with us is easy. In fact, we will be the easiest partner our clients have ever worked with.

4) Smarter - ​Working with us helps our clients to work smarter. Working for us, helps you to become smarter.

5) Agility - F​lexible working & diverse talent delivers better performance. We think that people who think differently help us to deliver better solutions.

The Role

Working at Anything is Possible should be a life-changing experience. Bold words we know, but that's why we set up the business. Agency life doesn't have to be overworked and underpaid. It should be about working on great projects, with great benefits and a healthy work-life balance.

We believe anything is possible and need people to help us achieve it. Working alongside the aip co-founders and wider team, you will be intrinsic to the success of our agency.

As a Data Analyst, you will spend your day analysing data from different marketing platforms using the tools we have at our disposal, to create useable insights that can enhance clients marketing strategies.

In the role, you will work closely with clients to understand their business needs and provide insight to achieve them using various methods, including web analytics data, media data and in-depth knowledge of the services we deliver for our clients.

You will help us to analyse large-scale data sets to uncover powerful insights that will help to measure campaign effectiveness and drive our forward.

With your help, we will grow the business and win new clients. We will win awards and challenge the media industry to be better.

On a daily basis, you’ll be responsible for analysing our campaigns and providing powerful insights to drive them forward. You will have the autonomy to develop tools and processes for improving our core services but will be provided with guidance and support at all times.


You will access, clean, merge and analyse large datasets​ from a variety of sources. This will include our own first-party data, our client's data and 3rd party data covering digital and offline.

You will help us to analyse media effectiveness, campaign performance and market dynamics. This will include but is not limited to campaign performance analysis, marketing attribution, media mix modelling, the measurement of campaign Ad Stock, development of optimal reach and frequency recommendations as well as advanced audience planning and targeting.

Aspartofateam, your insights will help us to deliver award-winning integrated media solutions​ that push the boundaries of our industry and deliver positive change for our clients.

Connectivity and Automation Asacorepillarofourbusiness, we expect you to help us to connect and automate everything we can​.

Within your role as a Data Analyst, we want you to contribute to the development of bespoke tools​ that can help our business innovate, grow and differentiate from the competition.

You will also learn how to create and develop client reports through our reporting product, becoming an expert in our ​dashboarding technology and deliver world-class insights​ that wow clients.

Finally, as part of a team, we want you to develop your skills in emerging technologies​and help shape our product capabilities.


As part of our Smarter Pillar, our knowledge capabilities need to be second to none. As a core part of our team, you will work on and ​undertake bespoke research projects​ for clients and the agency.

You may be asked to help us to develop and ​deliver training programmes ​for our clients. You will contribute thought leadership​ across our business and the industry, delivering insightful blog posts on our website and the trade press.

Finally, and most importantly, you will have a ​ruthless desire to improve​ through ongoing self-development.

Duties & Responsibilities

Your daily responsibilities will include:

● Support the agency is paid for projects and key metrics are in place for standard reporting measurements.

● Format, organise, clean and interpret data

● Use linear and non-linear attribution modelling techniques to answer clients questions.

● Provide data analysis and present to internal stakeholders on campaign performance.

● Support and deliver time series analysis and econometric modelling

● Provide statistical analysis of how successful a client campaign has performed using R, Python or equivalent.​

About You

● BSc/MSc in the quantitative field – data analytics, statistics, economics, mathematics or computer science.

You will have:

● An understanding of what data is required to generate insights

● A curious mindset and a desire to interrogate data

● The ability to work autonomously as well as part of a team

● An aptitude to interpret data to understand how it can be optimised and how it fits into the wider marketing mix.

● An ability to engage clients, capable of instigating and monitoring change management within an organisation.

Logical thinker Must Haves:

● A high level of mathematical ability

● The ability to analyse, model and interpret data

● Problem-solving skills

● A methodical and logical approach

● The ability to plan work and meet deadlines

● Accuracy and attention to detail

● Interpersonal skills

● Teamworking skills

● Written and verbal communication skills

Highly desired:

● Programming languages, such as Javascript, Python, R, SQL, Oracle

Nice to have:

● Understanding of marketing, digital marketing and media planning ​aiPeople

Our shared values are what makes our business.

We’re brave​ ​-​ ​We embrace uncertainty. We test, learn, improve and go again.

We’re diverse and united​ -​ ​ ​We love meeting new people, embracing new ideas and exploring the possibilities. We come from all walks of life. When we work with great people, anything is possible.

We’re grown up​ ​-​ ​We show maturity in our outlook and attitude. We are fair and positive, but aren’t afraid to say it how it is and constructively challenge.

We want to change things​ ​- We want to make a difference to our clients and our people, every day.

We work happy​ ​- We come in, do the business and have fun.

We have high expectations of you.

You must challenge the status quo and see no boundaries to what we can achieve. Be ambitious, be adaptable and be an expert in your field. Help us be better and don’t settle for average.

You will be an inspiration to the rest of the agency, to our clients and a leader within your area of expertise.

We want to take you out of your comfort zone, to stretch and to learn. You must believe that anything is possible.

In short, we want you to be the best person you can be.

We are a young business and this is an exciting time. You are joining the business in its infancy and have the opportunity to shape what we are. But that doesn't mean we skimp on benefits.

Fantastic holiday, flexible working and self-improvement budget for life are just a few of the things we offer.

This is on top of a competitive salary and a flexible working environment where you will be supported to be the best person you can be.

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Job Details

Salary: Competitive

Location: Brighton

Working hours: 9-5

Contract: Permanent

Role: Executive

Start date: 02/03/2020

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