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About the Role

Are you known for asking lots of questions, do you build rapport with people easily, and empathise with their problems? If so, then the Homesearch New Business Executive will be a great fit for you. As a New Business Executive you will start relationships with customers, genuinely caring about their business needs, becoming their ally over time, and helping them to succeed.

In the hiring manager's words:

“Working at Homesearch you will be problem solving every day. We're not one of those startups that demands midnight finishes and 100 hour weeks from our people. We trust you and we all work as hard as each other. We set our expectations high and everybody collectively rises to the challenge. Startup life is like running your own business - if you don't take responsibility for your part of the role, the whole is affected. If something goes wrong here it's nobody's fault, but it’s everybody's responsibility to sort it out, so you are never on your own.”

Reports to:

The NBE reports to the Co-founder and is part of a fast-growing team.

About is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product that delivers comprehensive information about UK properties that helps Estate Agents deliver the best information and service. Homesearch provides the information and tools property professionals’ need to maximise their productivity and achieve the best results for their own clients.

It’s an exciting time at Homesearch, they’re growing and are now offering multiple fantastic opportunities for ambitious, driven grads to work alongside the founders to help Homesearch continue to grow.

Candidate requirements

  • Spoken communication - candidates must be clear, articulate and confident when speaking in person and on the phone.
  • Written communication - a high level of written English with good tone, spelling and grammar.
  • Curiosity - ask lots of questions, the more you can understand and learn the easier it is to help.
  • Empathy - the ability to listen to a client’s problems, put yourself in their shoes, and explain how you can help them.
  • Trustworthy and honest - you are genuine, approachable, and humble - you recognise you don’t know it all.
  • Drive and passion - understand and recognise how the Homesearch product helps your clients.
  • Discipline and organisation - if you put the work in and follow the processes the rest will take care of itself, and you will succeed in this role.

Responsibilities and tasks

  • Learn the ins and outs of the Homesearch product so you can confidently talk about it.
  • Make introductions to new clients and put Homesearch on the radar of key companies.
  • Generate leads by finding relevant companies on LinkedIn, grab the contact details of a decision maker or a peer and start a relationship.
  • Own the sales process from lead to sale. Actively encouraging your prospects to take a free trial, and showing them how Homesearch can help them do their jobs better.
  • Log your activity on Hubspot CRM and use Gmail for email communications.
  • Weekly or fortnightly catch-ups with the Co-founder who will train you how Homesearch builds relationships and acts as a trusted ally.


  • Quarterly discretionary bonuses

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Job Details

Salary: £25,000 to £28,000 per year

Location: Central London

Working hours: Monday to Friday 8.45 - 5.30pm

Contract: Permanent

Role: Executive

Start date: 01/04/2020

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