Community and Social Media Assistant


About the Role

Ready for some brilliant buzzwords? Then read on my friend...

If you’re into gaming, sports, pop-culture, movies, music and everything in-between, then lucky for you, level one is complete. If you live and breathe social media, from managing social accounts to engaging with communities all across the board, then congrats on completing level two. But most importantly, if you believe in yourself and back yourself no matter what, then hurrah because you’ve smashed all three levels and we want someone like you right now!

This is the perfect opportunity for someone who’s fresh out the box and ready to get their hands dirty or even for someone who’s wanting to switch it up and delve into the wonderful world of startups. Either way, you have to be ready to rumble in a fast-paced environment.

We need you to be ambitious and self-motivated, have great communication skills and be full of ideas. Heck, maybe you could even teach us a thing or two! We love experimenting and fully believe that everyone brings something valuable to the table, so be prepared to try new ideas, help us with ours and just strive to be your best, in a team that wants you to be your best!

A Bit About What We Believe In

So, if you didn’t think all the above was pretty damn sweet, how about this for dessert?

Alongside treating everyone in our company right, we also care about everyone on the outside too. And that’s why we always want to give back. So we’ve partnered up with Team Trees, who are on a mission to help rebuild our marvellous planet - and for every $100 spent via the app, they’ll plant one tree on our behalf! Backing ourselves and backing Mother Earth? Don’t mind if we do!

A Bit About The Role

This role is where creative people come to thrive!

We’ll be needing help across all our social media platforms, whether that's liking and commenting on Instagram, delving into Facebook communities, whipping up videos for TikTok, creating your own memes to give the online world a chuckle or even hunting down the best, relevant articles to share on Twitter. We even have a YouTube channel just dying to be played with.

  • Helping to manage the day to day on all social accounts from TikTok to Discord, as well as using Hootsuite to schedule and monitor social content and engagement.
  • Growing our social following on all of our accounts. How you do it is where your knowledge and skills are crucial.
  • Engaging with our current social audiences, whether that be replying to Instagram comments or chatting to people on Discord - engagement is key!
  • Doing the rounds on our socials, following relevant accounts, liking and commenting on posts, etc. That kind of thing may ​seem​ tedious, but it’s a must when it comes to creating brand awareness and of course, engagement!
  • Creating and sharing content on all socials, whilst adhering to brand guidelines. Memes, name it! We’re all about the content here at Stakester and we want you to contribute in a big way!
  • Supporting our Stakester community by answering questions and queries via our email and socials. Top notch customer service is something we pride ourselves on. No ifs, buts or maybes.
  • Reaching out and building communities both in ​and​ outside of the gaming and sports realm. Again, how you do it is where your expertise lies.
  • You’ll also come across tasks that won’t necessarily be part of your job role, but that’s the startup life. What they’ll be? Who knows! But that’s the fun of it, right?!

In Summary

If you are fresh from uni but love all things social, and you can prove it, or you have 1-2 years experience running social media accounts and you're up for a brand new challenge, hit the apply button below.

You will be asked to show off your skills, share your wisdom and run with creative freedom, all whilst bringing those community-lovin’ vibes!

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Job Details

Salary: £30,000 to £35,000 per year

Location: Farringdon, London

Working hours: Monday to Friday 10am-6pm

Contract: Permanent

Role: Assistant

Start date: 07/12/2020

This role is now closed

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