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About OwnerScaler

OwnerScaler” is a new initiative owned by Strontium Dog (Ventures) and being accelerated by Pyxis Edge Ltd. All rights and Intellectual Property are 100% owned by Strontium Dog. OwnerScaler is a service for genuine contractors who want to be suppliers, not disguised employees. Those who want to work for themselves and be in control of their own career. The innovators, the entrepreneurs, the highly skilled specialists and all the people who want to grow their business and control their own future.

About the Role

OwnerScaler are looking for a self-starter with experience driving online sign-ups. Using LinkedIn and social media you will identify IT contractors, engage with them and drive them to the OwnerScaler site to sign-up.

Candidate Suitability:

  • Be a fast learner
  • Be self-driven & pro-active
  • Be determined & target driven, resilient if you need to change things
  • Strong verbal & written communication skills
  • ABC (Always Be Closing)

Key Responsibilities:

  • Create the marketing strategy (DigitalGrads and OwnerScaler will give you some pointers to get you started).
  • Execute the marketing strategy
  • Agree on and hit realistic subscriber targets
  • Create a lead gen process and document progress
  • Create content for each social marketing channel
  • Post regularly in social media
  • Answer social media questions and enquiries
  • Use social media to educate and engage, your subscribers will work for you
  • Frequent communication with the CEO to explain strategy & progress
  • Understand tax is a publicly sensitive topic
  • Understand we aren't avoiding tax, we are growing companies to employ staff.
  • Ensure the message and tone reflect the positives effect we have on the economy.

Qualifications & experience:

  • Marketing or Sales qualification


  • A high level of accuracy & attention to detail
  • Understand Social media & tools (e.g Tweepsmap, Hootsuite etc) to engage cross audience
  • Be a self-starter who shows initiative
  • Be target driven and metric led
  • Be organised able to articulate your strategy and metrics to the CEO.

Additional Information:

We expect you to achieve a minimum 20 subscriptions in the first month to prove your strategy, at which point your role will be extended to 5 days a week. The subscribers you introduce are incentivised to invite their peers, so your work gets easier the more subscribers you attract and the better you educate them. If you achieve 1,000 subscribers within 3 months, we will offer to employ you full time. If you achieve 5,000 subscribers by April 5th 2021, we will invite you to become Director of Marketing on £75k per year. We believe this is a fantastic opportunity for a high-flyer to fast-track their own career.

The Brief

In April 2021, the government will introduce private sector IR35, meaning flexible workers, freelancers and contractors will be deemed either inside or outside of IR35 by their end client. Anyone deemed inside IR35 will be charged PAYE on their gross payment, losing about 40% of their income.

For "disguised employees", that is a valid position and they will pay the correct tax. However, for genuine small business owners and entrepreneurs, who rely on project work, this will kill their companies or ability to innovate and grow.

We can show the genuine contractors and small business owners how they can collaborate and create the UK's next high-growth companies. They can operate legitimately outside of IR35 and they can gain access to larger "supplier" agreements. We show them how, despite collaborating with peers on different rates, to keep what they earn, employ their own staff, find more supplier contracts and earn more than when they were constrained under contractor (employment) agreements.

It's not economical for organisations to employ staff full time if there is no guarantee of work. Therefore, large business like global digital corporations, investment banks and even the NHS employ contractors to supplement their own permanent staff. The demand for flexible, seasonal or fixed term projects is not going away after IR35 and that gives the best contractors an opportunity to create their own professional service supply companies and fulfil their clients’ needs.

These contractors (the smartest and most able to see the opportunity being presented) are our target audience, because we can help them scale fast and gain extra benefits, simply by subscribing to our site for £10 per month. We have already converted 7 contractors into a supplier organisation working for a global tech company.

Purpose of Position:

Drive subscribers to our website. They must be IT contractors (initially) and the site is by invitation only. Therefore, you will need to find, engage and confirm they are contractors, then invite them to our service (which requires their email address). You need to explain the benefits of subscribing for just £10 per month. It gives them the opportunity to collaborate and grow a larger business (without losing control or having to dilute their income) than just contracting. They have an opportunity for equal ownership in a corporation of contractors, access to learning, ownership of a new offshore company that replaces recruitment "jobs boards" with businesses "projects boards" where supplier agreements will be advertised, offering them larger supplier contracts.

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Job Details

Salary: £18,000 per year

Location: Remote

Working hours: Initially, we expect 8 hours per day 3 days per week. We work in an agile fashion, so will agree mutually convenient time for a daily or weekly call.

Contract: Fixed term

Role: Internship

Start date: 08/06/2020

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