The futureCodersSE team are on a mission to help young people learn how to code. Their workshops, courses and work experience opportunities help young people kick-start their careers in one of the most competitive fields there is.

We’ve partnered with futureCodersSE to offer professional training to graduates that do not have a Computer Science degree. Now they can prove their skills with certified training and find their first software development opportunity.

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Method B Ltd

Method B’s team of witty developers have been helping small businesses develop their systems and software for years. The team, alongside director Michael Mulqueen, joined forces with DigitalGrads a few years ago to help us build our platform.

After becoming increasingly involved with the team over the years, Michael Mulqueen decided to take on the role of DigitalGrads CTO. He now leads all development and technology operations across the platform while helping us create developer-focused content and courses.

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ProdPad helps professionals and businesses manage their tasks, hit targets and make product management simple. We contacted the team at ProdPad when we were looking into developing a practical, free product management training course.

They understood our mission and jumped on board. Our product management training has been in development for some time now, but rest assured that it’s coming soon.

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Webtrends Optimize

The team at Webtrends Optimize have created a powerful website optimisation platform to help businesses gain more sales and success. By optimising websites, customers are more likely to click on the buttons you want them to. These small actions lead to big success - this is known as conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

When we were brainstorming ideas for courses, we knew what CRO Training would be invaluable for graduates. So we partnered with the team at Webtrends Optimize to learn more about CRO and pass on that knowledge to you.

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Createk’s team of ambitious developers have been helping start-ups and established businesses build web applications for over five years. They use Ruby on Rails and Agile development philosophies to adapt to the needs of their clients.

We partnered with and interviewed John Cleary at Createk when developing our Software Development Training. John helped us uncover the key skills every developer needs to succeed, and we passed on this knowledge to you in our free course.

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Shake It Up Creative

Shake It Up Creative is an innovative marketing agency that helps small businesses and established companies with branding, website design, social media presence and more.

When we were looking for marketing experts to help us develop our courses, we knew who to call. We have now worked with them on two free learning programmes: Website Management Training and the upcoming Marketing Strategy Training.

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Fawcett East London

Fawcett East London is a feminist group run by volunteers who champion equality. Their latest campaign, #EndSalaryHistory aims at bringing awareness to the fact that asking questions about salary history maintains the gender and ethnicity pay gap.

Their research was something we immediately wanted to support. We've partnered with them to increase awareness among employers and candidates.

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