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Im a graduate student that has finished a degree in management with the pursuit and hope of having career in the sports business and management industry in various roles such as sports marketing, marketing and just any roles regarding business in general whether they are sports minded or not is not a problem. Whilst always being interested and passionate about sports I have also had an interest in not only business but also marketing aspect of the industry due to the creativeness along with the strategies to persuade and attract peoples attention. I also enjoy watching, learning and analysing the various different techniques used by organisations in order to market/promote so they can gain profit using products being sold to consumers. The interest came as I was progressing with my studies learning new things and gaining knowledge through the modules. I have the potential to be able to show that comptent enough to be working towards the companies objectives and be the right candidate not just for the company but for the job role itself in order to compete tasks and take on all the responsibilities which come with the role.

Why I should be picked?

I feel as though I would be a great fit for the team because I’m always striving to be the best version of myself and by doing so I’m also being a major asset for the company. I’m motivated by personal goals and objectives whether they’ve been set by myself or the company. I’m also interested and looking at different ways organisations and businesses utilise brand marketing in order to present the products or even themselves to the world, market or industry in general to attract or persuade people. Also being quite young I could bring a different aspect from my generation and younger which could also help the company. I’m a creative individual who likes to think outside the box, I’m also up to date with current social media trends on most platforms so I’m very aware of what’s going on and what is working and what isn’t working also. I’m also interested and looking at different ways this company uses various strategies in order to progress and reach targets consistently with that the type of person I am in work settings when following instructions or in the process of learning I would consider myself as someone who’s eager to learn and gain as much experience as possible so that it can aid me going forward but not only to benefit my personal career but also show the company I’m the right fit for the job role. Also I’m never afraid of a challenge, I’m always determined to take on the tasks at hand to prove I’m worthy of the role.

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Average test score: 60%

Looking for work in: London, Luton, Milton Keynes, Stevenage and Welwyn Garden City, Remote

Available: Immediately for permanent employment and internships

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