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My name is Chiara Capresi, I just finished my Ph.D in Mathematics and Computing Science and what I can say is that I am truly enthusiastic about the professional and life experience that this occupation gave me. What maily has impressed me has been the opportunity of working together with professionals of different countries because I think that this is a powerfull way of having the concrete chance of broadening professionally and personally ones horizons. I consider my Ph.D an experience of personal enrichment which led me into a very stimulating environment that offered me the possibility of develop and enhance my personal qualities and professional skills. I consider myself a tough and motivated worker. The unexpected, challenges posed by the severe spreading of the COVID pandemic in the context of international cooperation among Universities, did not prevent me to fullfill my professional commitment to which I attained with all my will and my strength. This experience has lead me to the conviction that in my future I would like to continue working in a multitasking environment that allows me to cooperate together with people coming from different places and working in different areas in order to reach a common target. In this moment of my life, now that my Ph.D studies are completed, I am certainly in the position to give me the chance of fulfil my personal ambition and desire of moving abroad looking for a stimulating job and an exciting, positive, creative and challenging place to work. To this end, the place where I really aim at focusing on is Edinburgh. In the past, I had the chance of spending time (for short or a bit longer periods of time) in this extraordinary city. My experience there, was enough to convince me that Edinburgh is a very prominent city, where art and industry are continually growing and which can boast a friendly and diverse multicultural community. In conclusion, after a deep analysis of your job offer I convinced myself that it reflects exaclty the kind of opportunity that I am looking for, something that is stimulationg and challenging at the same time and that certaily would allow me to grow professionally into a multitasking place of work. Thank you for your time and consideration. Please, let me know if I can further provide additional informations in helping you out in taking your decision. Best regards, CHIARA CAPRESI

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