Photo of S. C.

Digital Marketer

Proven success in running marketing campaigns and implementing marketing strategies that have pulled in a 20% increase in qualified leads. Proficient in social media and inbound marketing strategies. Skilled, creative and innovative.

At a glance

Experience: Management , Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager, Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Looking for work in: London, Remote

Available: Immediately for permanent employment

Salary expectation: £21,000 - £23,000

"Great people to work with. Friendly, good communicators and I love the concept.

We've already got one great DigitalGrad working for us, doing a great job"

Chris Field,
Chief Marketing Officer, Yoti

“We've been very impressed with the whole experience, and found it much more successful that recruiting grads directly ourselves.

Far better than any recruiter experience we've had in the past."

Marnie Ashe,
General Manager, Reload

“We hired through DigitalGrads - not only do I love the concept, but the team behind it are genuine, friendly & helpful. We've been approached by many recruitment companies and DigitalGrads are the first we've been happy with!"

Dan Williams,
Co-founder, Workshop