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My major was film acting in college and have an MS office program certificate from Korea ( Specifically for Excel and Access ) I can also do basic video editing (Premiere Pro, After Effects) While making costumes for actors in school, i developed a lot of interest in fashion and based on that experience, i started working at a fashion company. While working at a fashion company, I did inventory management, customer connection, website upload, website management, and personal shopping. Also, while attending the department of theatre and film, I tried acting, costume, video editing, directing, and stage staff. Firstly, while working as an office worker at a clothing company, I mainly worked with Excel and did simple coding and I mainly registered products on the website, managed inventory, and made and reported a list of best-selling items every week. Also, i learned a lot while working at a clothing company, communicated with a lot of teams, and worked tirelessly with leaders and team members to achieve my goals. If i joined Digital Grads, I will become a person who constantly develops with passion. I will learn as much as possible. If given the opportunity to join the company, I want to show it. The company sees itself as being led by the CEO and employees together. For example, if it is an arrow, the employee shoots the arrow and the company president pulls the bow. I will be a good arrow I will try not to regret pulling the bow. i will become a memorable employee. If you need to check the contents of the work, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for reading my cover letter. I hope for an interview.

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