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I have a natural Audit and Risk mindset which acts as a lens when I approach new tasks or decisions to be made, where I assess risks, implement processes, routine and structure and work to a continuous cycle of improvement. I enjoy viewing information through various different angles, asking questions, finding the caveats and creating solutions to potential or upcoming perceived risks. People trust me and the recommendations I make, not only because of my natural ability to build rapport and listen, but also because I investigate and gain an awareness of current operations before making viable recommendations. I am humble enough to be part of various teams and manage relationships with internal and external stakeholders, but also have the leadership skills to set an agenda, make decisions and delegate responsibilities. In order to create a mutually beneficial environment and assess operations it's crucial to maintain an open line of communication and transparency - skills I endorse and have cultivated within all my roles. My grit and hands-on-approach means I am committed to delivering team goals and personal objectives, persistently aiming to deliver results. I am not only dedicated to doing the job, but doing the best for the people I work with, around and support. The biggest reason for this is personal satisfaction and a drive to succeed and thrive in a professional world and build a credible career. Through my experience in compliance, I have worked with local authorities, legal departments and have experience in a regulatory focused role. I thrive in a fast-paced environment where I can work to multiple deadlines, projects and monitor transactions whilst organising people, processes and documents. My journey at Gorillas as a compliance and safety manager has been truly invigorating in learning how to work to regulations and licensing standards, leading and defining strategy and implementing future milestones for the safety department to bring the business to ISO standards. I am looking for a challenging and dynamic Compliance / Audit & Risk role that offers variety, autonomy and direction to enhance my commercial and analytical skills.

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