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I have graduated from BSc Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering department of Istanbul Technical University in June, 2018. Then in September 2018, I have started to work as a Product & Investment Engineer at Turkcell Communication Services Inc. I was responsible for the end-to-end management of mobile and fixed network energy infrastructure equipments and energy monitoring system. Due to this role, I have collaborated with different departments of the company such as finance, procurement, regional operations, and resource management as well as domestic and international suppliers. I have had the opportunity to improve my management, communication, and coordination skills thanks to these experiences. After this role, I have worked as a data scientist in the same company between August 2019 and August 2021.

Turkcell is a telecommunication company with more than 25,000 base stations across the country. Batteries are critical energy equipment for the continuity of service and they are costly equipments as well. I took part in a project started with the aim of using company energy resources more efficiently. In the first phase of this project, I have developed a regression model with 93% accuracy on the network data to forecast the energy consumption at each base station. In the second phase of the project, I have collabroted with external data engineers and developed a deep learning-based second model that estimates the remaining battery backup time of base stations using the first model output as input. Thanks to this project, we were able to use the battery source in the right stations and more efficiently. After the projects, the company made a tender to develop an energy management system. In my last eight months at the company, I worked with the software developers to integrate models to management system and develop predictive alarm systems to recommend actions to regional teams for network availability.

After three years of work experience, I started my master's degree in big data science at Queen Mary University of London to specialize in the field. During my degree, I chose my elective courses in the field of natural language processing and completed my MSc project in this field. The subject of my thesis was to develop an automatic personality detection model on cross-platform social media data.

Now I am searching for a position that will help me further my knowledge in creating data and machine learning models, and developing big data solutions providing actionable insights, while utilizing my skills. I am capable of turning a business objective into a concrete engineering and data science project, breaking it into value-adding manageable chunks, and drive them to completion.

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