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I'm an ambitious postgraduate Business Analyst with a broad background featuring a range of transferable skills and experience.

Data-driven, delivering results based on information. I am able to integrate well with new and established teams with a view to becoming a motivational team member that inspires confidence and inspires the team.

I am multi-lingual and determined to succeed. I am currently seeking the opportunity to add significant value within a challenging Business Analyst Graduate Programme.

Some of my core skills and areas of expertise include:

Strong two-way communication skills, fully fluent also in Hindi, Assamese and Telugu; able to forge and leverage a collaborative network of internal and external partners, stakeholders and customers

Highly analytical, deriving multiple actionable points from large volumes of complex data metrics; developing IT-based analytical skills with MS Power BI

Excellent data collation skills, able to gather accurate and trustworthy information from a wide range of sources; possessing solid fact-checking and due diligence capabilities

Confident presentation skills, using PowerPoint and other tools to convert complex information in a digestible and succinct format and present to large and small audiences or in a one-to-one setting

Able to build rapport with clients and quickly determine their requirements and interpret their vision, which contributes to building mutually beneficial relationships across the client lifecycle

Able to exercise tact and diplomacy, diffusing potential problems with customers, able to de-escalate and find win-win solutions in real time

Organised, able to prioritise personal daily workflow in conjunction with longer term projects; using all available time and material resources effectively; a determined self-starter with personal initiative

Sound judgement with solid decision-making capacity, weighing multiple factors before determining optimum course of action

Excellent leadership skills, able to take ownership of group-based tasks and act in an advisory capacity, sharing best practice and personal, professional competence

Streamlining a range of tasks utilising IT tools, fully conversant with statistical analysis using SPSS, plus MS Office with advanced Excel and VBA skills, particularly in connection with forecasting

Feel free to connect with me if we have some mutual interest, or if you would like a copy of my CV.

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Looking for work in: Cambridge, Chelmsford, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Barnsley, Blackburn, Bury St Edmunds, Will Relocate - Anywhere in the UK, Will Relocate - UK Major Cities, Remote

Available: Immediately for permanent employment and internships

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